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POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy
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POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy

Message Boards - I am thrilled

United States
"Go, Mr. Lee! All my prayers and best wishes to you. I'm so happy for you and your baby. I am six months pregnant myself, and I completely understand how excited you are to be going through this amazing process. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy."

United Kingdom

"I can't believe this is happening!!! "

"I am a nurse that has always questioned why males couldn't carry a pregnancy full term. If this experiment fails, I would very much like to know why, and if it is successfull, i would just like to know for my personal knowledge, of course with pictures of the surgery to deliver the baby--I've always liked gross pictures, but am now profesionally interested in any and all of your documentation."

"I am a student thinking of doing a talk on this subject matter. I think it's fascinating. I don't know what all those 'I am appalled' people are complaining about."