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POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy
Message Boards
POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy

There are four main message boards on MalePregnancy.com:

I am thrilled I am thrilled
Speak to the millions of people across the world celebrating this miracle of medical science and human ingenuity.
I am appalled I am appalled
Share messages with the equally large number of people upset with the idea and implications of male pregnancy.
I am skeptical I am skeptical
Despite all evidence to the contrary, some people still do not believe that men can indeed become pregnant. Their comments and responses appear in this message board.
I want to be the next pregnant man I want to be a pregnant man
Thousands of men have contacted RYT Hospital asking to be the next pregnant man. Though the Hospital does NOT offer this clinical service to the general public quite yet, men wishing to become pregnant can share their comments here.

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